Offshore Signings

Offshore SigningsThe Lois Ann crew can save your company money on any transaction! Document stamp fees are required for all transactions completed in the State of Florida and these fees can add up, especially for multi-million dollar transactions. You can save the document stamp fees by chartering the Lois Ann to take all parties several miles offshore, outside State waters.

The Lois Ann crew is experienced in offshore document signings ready to witness and record the transaction so that it is legal and binding.

The Lois Ann is truly your floating office. Our spacious, clean, air-conditioned cabin includes galley, restroom and all the space you’ll need to quickly and efficiently put the finishing touches on your “big deal.”

We recommend that you consult with your counsel, accountant or pertinent advisor before scheduling an offshore document signing so that the proper affidavits, witness pages and other documents may be properly prepared before leaving he dock.

The Lois Ann gives new meaning to “Where do I sign?”