4th Of July Fireworks Intercoatsal Cruise

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“The 4th of July Cruise by Lois Ann Cruises was the best money I have spend for a cruise/tour.  I plan on using them every year.  The fireworks display off Fort Lauderdale has to be the best one I have ever seen and I have been all over the world.  The barge from which they launch the fireworks is huge and the show went on for what seems like a very long time verse many shorter shows I have seen.  If you are looking for an amazing way to watch the fireworks I recommend you call Captain David and he will get you all setup.”

Thomas G.
July 4, 2019

Fireworks Cruise

Bring in the 4th of July and Celebrate on the water like no other.  Our boat, the Lois Ann will be setting sail to watch the Las Olas Fort Lauderdale Fireworks show and you are invited (Limited Seats Available)!

Voted one of the top firework displays in the country, we will be putting you in the best view of the show.  We are running private tours as well as shared tours for only $95/per person.  The weather is forecasted to be beautiful.  Enjoy the skyline of Fort Lauderdale as you watch some of the most magnificent fireworks launches just before your eyes.

Fort Lauderdale Intercoastal Cruises

We start with a beautiful cruise down the intercoastal as you will see the houses of the rich and famous.  Depending on the sea conditions we will either go off the beach to watch the fireworks display or we will set up the inside of what we call the “Venice Of The America’s.”  Either way, you are sure to have the best view while you relax and celebrate Independence day.  You are welcome to bring food and drinks to make your experience even better.

Enjoy the sunset as we wait for the fireworks show to begin.  As the sun sets out west over the Fort Lauderdale horizon, you will see some amazing colors and scenery that change each day.

To avoid the crazy crowds, chaos, and no-parking zones.  Our 4th of July cruise will have your family and friends chatting about their experiences for a lifetime.

4th Of July 2021 Tour Details:

7:30pm to 10:30pm (Please arrive at 7:00pm)

Cost Per Person:
$95 Per Person
(Please make a reservation, as we sold out fast in 2018 and 2019)

Sodas, Water, and Beers


Can I bring the children?
Yes, all our charters are kid-friendly.

Do you offer a private cruise?
Yes, we have 4 other boats that will be running private cruises for up to 6 people as well as 1 for up to 18.  Please inquire.

What Should I Bring?
We provide absolutely everything, simply bring your food and drinks.  Dinner and/or appetizers are common for our guests.  Ask Captain David about our Catering for private charters.

Where is the Lois Ann Located?
We are at 5400 North Ocean Drive, Hollywood FL 33019.  Only minutes to the show.

Can I Bring Fireworks?
We will not be lighting fireworks from our boat nor shall our customers, however, we will have you close enough to the show that you won’t need to.

Does The Boat Have a Bathroom?
Yes, The Lois Ann has equipped with ice-cold A/C as well as a bathroom on board.  View picture of boat HERE.

How Can I Make A Reservation?
Please make your reservation ONLINE as we only have limited spots for this awesome party!

Fireworks Cruise

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Another 4th Of July In The Books

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Fort Lauderdale Intercoastal Tour

The Lois Ann set sail yesterday around 7:30 into the zen waters of Fort Lauderdale’s Intercoastal for our Annual 4th Of July fireworks cruise.  The waterways were alive with other patriotic boaters waiving the American flag and awaiting the fireworks to begin from Las Olas Blvd.

With about 40 guest, we setup our chairs on the top desk as well as the bow of the boat for a relaxing intercostal tour before the show.  Our customers were extremely comfortable and ready to begin the tour.

Fort Lauderdale Intercoastal Tour

Once underway, Captain David spoke on the homes of the rich and famous.  Homes owned by celebrities, athletes and top businessman are just some of the scenery.  Also multi-million dollar yachts were quite the sight as Port Everglades is a major stop for most yachts to get fuel, do maintenance or just enjoy the town during their travels around the world.

As the sun began to set, we worked our way to Las Olas Blvd and decided to stay in the intercoastal as the beach was a little too choppy for our taste.   The Fort Lauderdale intercoastal offers great protection from the wind and always offers calm seas.   This means there is no getting sea sick and it is much more enjoyable for everyone as the boat does not rock.  Just a peaceful view  of the best firework show in the country aboard our boat, The Lois Ann.

Our junior guest probably had the best time as we allowed them in the wheelhouse to help steer the boat.  All our cruises are child friendly and we take extra special care of them.

Captain David even had his 1o month year old on board to enjoy the show. Little Ava, just like her father already has an eye for the water and you can tell she is going to have just as much passion as Captain David.

Baby on Intercoastal Cruise

Once the fireworks began to go off around 9:00pm we positioned the boat perfectly without anchoring so that everyone on the boat had a great view.  The show exceeded expectations and Fort Lauderdale was lit up.  Our guest had their cameras ready and we got some great video as well.


Back at the dock, the vibe was very relaxed and all smiles.  We all had a great time and it was an honor to spend our 4th of July with such great guests. I always say we have some of the best customers in the world and this cruise was just proof of that.

If you would like to go on our dinner cruise or intercoastal cruise, please give Captain David a call to book your adventure on one of the top boats in Fort Lauderdale, The Lois Ann.

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Burial At Sea & Scattering Ashes Cruise

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Sea Scattering Ashes

We had the Rogers family with us from one of our local funeral homes to do a burial at sea. They brought 7 people aboard to say there goodbyes to a loved one who wanted to be buried out in the Gulftream waters. During the funeral the ashes were spread, and the dust gets carried away by the ocean’s currents. The charter is open to any type of religious customs and prayers. If the process is too difficult for the family, a deckhand can assist if need be.

More Information on Sea Burials

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4th of July Intercoastal Cruise

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We had a great party of 50 people on 4th of July to celebrate independence day! The Lois Ann went to Fort Lauderdale to watch one of the greatest firework shows on the water. On the cruise back we went through millionaire row also known as the venice of the americas.

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The Bachelorette Party To Remember!

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We really enjoy how each private event we do can be so different.  These lovely ladies wanted to have to throw their girlfriend of many years a bachelorette party to remember.  While we don’t sell liquor aboard the Lois Ann, you are always welcome to bring you own drinks. What is a boat cruise without a glass of wine or champagne?

We went down the Fort Lauderdale river into the beautiful downtown area on this 4 hour evening trip.  The girls had a wonderful time sharing memories and reminiscing on their great friendships.

Captain David and his crew made sure the girls had everything they needed at all times including plenty of ice for the drinks as well as pointing out some of the great sights.

We turned up the music and set the mood as the sun began to go down over beautiful Fort Lauderdale.

The night ended as we made our way back up the river and back to the marina.

If you are looking for the perfect bachelor or bachelorette party, please give us a call and remember to book in advance.

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