Burial At Sea – Scatting Ashes At Sea


As one of the top fleets in South Florida, we are the number one choice for Burials at Sea and have close relationships with local funeral homes.  If you need cremation services, please call us to for our recommended partners with their own crematories for best pricing.

Sea Scattering AshesScattering ashes at sea has become more and more popular among families of the deceased.  The ceremony is thought to be much more natural and calm for your loved ones versus traditional under ground burials.  Trust that your loved ones final days are not spent be transferred from crematory to funeral home and vice versa.  Shortly following the cremation and receipt of the ashes, your loved one is ready to get the ceremony at sea they deserve and most likely asked for.

With boats that accommodate up to 100 people, we make burials at sea affordable and an experience to remember your loved one.

Our captain and full staff we will organize the perfect at sea scattering of ashes.  Located in Hollywood, Florida we are centrally located to Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Boca and Palm Beach.  We will leave out of Fort Lauderdale inlet, Port Everglades and proceed to head to our gulf stream waters of only about 2 miles off our beaches.  Upon entering the gulf stream, your ceremony will begin.

After words are said to honor your loved ones, we will help you to pour the ashes into the sea.  Shortly followed, your entire group will be given flowers in which we will toss in with the ashes to create an area of the ceremony on the water.  We will circle this area while you and your loved ones say your final goodbyes.

Burial At SeaIn all, this ceremony takes about 90 minutes.  Our boat the Lois Ann holds about 60 People, however we have smaller and bigger boats as needed.

Trust, that our family owned business, operating since 1973 will provide you a dignified memorial at sea with your family and loved ones.  Don’t leave your burial at sea to a competitor who does Sea Burials once a year and claims to be an expert.  Know that we have done hundreds of sea burials and you will not be disappointed.

Unattended Sea Burials:
During an unattended sea burial you may drop off the ashes of your loved ones and we scatter the ashes on your behalf.  This is a great option if you can’t make it down to our area however your loved one was cremated here and requested to be buried at sea.

Full Body Sea Burials:
Aboard the Lois Ann we are setup for full body sea burials.  With a large rear deck we load the casket to our stern where you and your family will have plenty of room to do the ceremony around your loved one.  Our captain and crew will do all the heavy lifting so you don’t have to.  For the full body sea burials, we have to go much further offshore into deeper waters.  Generally about 20 miles offshore is where we motor out to.  The trip is about 4 hours total and a flat rate for up to 60 people as well.

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